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Stafford County Sheriff Seeks Help on Suspect
SUSPECT COMPOSITE RELEASED                                    Stafford, Va.               The Stafford County Sheriff's Office is once again requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect of the sexual assault that took place on the evening of Saturday, January 31 around 6:00 PM on Hope Road in Stafford County.  On January 31st the suspect, impersonating a law enforcement officer, sexually assaulted a female victim after the victim pulled her car off the road.  Based on information received from citizens as a result of a previous release circulated by the media, the Stafford County Sheriff's Office has identified two additional incidents that have occurred involving this suspect.  Neither incident resulted in an assault.  The first incident, which occurred approximately a week and half prior to the January 31 incident, happened in the central part of the county.  The victim in this incident was pulled over by a vehicle with a red flashing light but circumstances prevented an assault.  The most recent incident took place this past Friday evening, February 6 in the western part of Stafford.  In this incident a dark colored vehicle came up behind a car with two females, flashing its high beam lights and finally a red flashing light.  This most recent incident was thwarted by a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction and illuminating the suspect’s vehicle.  The occupants of the vehicle being followed did not pull over and went directly to a well lighted and populated area.  The suspect vehicle stopped following and left the area.  “These two young ladies did exactly what they should have done,” states Sheriff Charles Jett.   “My compliments to them for remaining calm and doing the right thing.”   Attached to this release is a composite drawing of the suspect. The suspect is described as a white male, 5’11”, in his early twenties.  On the night of the assault, January 31st, the suspect was wearing a dark green parka style jacket, dark blue jeans and thin leather gloves.  The vehicle the suspect was driving is described as a mid to full size 4- door sedan, dark in color with dark tinted windows. The Stafford County Sheriff's Office would like to remind citizens that law enforcement vehicles use blue emergency lights or a combination of blue and red lights.  If a citizen is not sure as to the authenticity of the law enforcement vehicle pulling them over they are encouraged to go to a well lighted or populated area.  If they feel they are in imminent danger they should not hesitate to call 911. If anyone has information concerning these incidents or information on the suspect they are asked to contact the Stafford County Sheriff's Office at 658-4400. A special thanks goes to the FBI for their assistance in developing and producing the composite sketch of the suspect.     


Here are some photographs from the February 16, 2008 Open House


911 Call Center - handles 500,000 calls a year for Stafford County.


The Ford T. Humphrey Building is named after Deputy Sheriff Ford Tyson "Toby" Humphrey who lost his life in the pursuit of serving and protecting the citizens of Stafford County. 



The Ford T. Humphrey Building is named after Deputy Sheriff Ford Tyson "Toby" Humphrey who lost his life in the pursuit of serving and protecting the citizens of Stafford County. 

On October 9, 1980 26-year old Ford Tyson "Toby" Humphrey was killed in the line of duty by a gunman while attempting to quell a domestic disturbance.  Deputy Humphrey's death serves to remind us of the inherent dangers of police work.  Deputy Ford Tyson "Toby" Humphrey's service was best characterized by loyalty, fearless performance of duty, and a faithful and honorable devotion to the principles of the Stafford County Sheriff's office.  The men and Women who work within these walls of this building exemplify the characteristics demonstrated by Deputy Humphrey on a daily basis.

The building will be dedicated in May of 2008.  This building is designed to handle all Sheriff Office operations as well as Fire and Rescue administrative operations for all of Stafford County.

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